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Cordarrelle Patterson (84) catches a touchdown in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game in Atlanta, GA against NC State on August 31, 2012

Cordarrelle Patterson (84) catches a touchdown in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game against NC State at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA on August 31, 2012.

First off, sorry for not posting this yesterday. I got caught up in the Duke/Maryland and ASU/CU games and NBA All-Star Saturday Night. But now, here we go!

Cordarrelle Patterson is a wide receiver that I had not heard much about before I began profiling him yesterday. If he was recruited by FBS schools (and even FCS schools) than I can’t find any record of it. Patterson took a year off and attended North Carolina Tech Christian Academy. Then he realized that he missed football, went to Hutchinson Community College in Kansas (the Dragons finished 10-2 and #5 in the NJCAA in 2010 and 9-3 and #9 in the NJCAA in 2011, his two seasons with the team). In Junior College, he was a two-time NJCAA All-American and he caught 113 passes for 1832 yards and 24 touchdowns. Throughout his college career, Patterson was used as a running back in certain formations, and at Hutchinson he ran 39 times for 398 yards and 6 touchdowns. He has also been used as a kick returner and punt returner, with the Dragons, Patterson had 31 total returns, with 880 yards on kick returns, 247 on punt returns, and 6 total touchdowns.

Patterson’s stats during his one season as a Volunteer:

Rushing: 25 attempts, 308 yards, 3 touchdowns

Receiving: 46 receptions, 778 yards, 5 touchdowns

Punt Returns: 4 returns, 101 yards, 1 touchdown, with a long of 81 yards

Kick Returns: 25 returns, 671 yards, 1 touchdown, with long of 98 yards

Since Patterson only played one season at the FBS level, there is not a ton of tape on him, and the tape I found was basically a bunch of videos with the same plays on them. Now, I will evaluate Patterson on these criteria: Size, Speed/Quickness, Get-Off, Route Running, Hands, Body Control, Catching in Traffic, Yards after the Catch, and Blocking Skills.


Patterson is a healthy 6′ 3″ tall and 205 lbs. That is a great size for a NFL wide receiver and will allow him to play multiple positions after he gets drafted. 9.5/10.0


This is an area that anyone who watches Patterson’s tape will see as probably the most prominent part of his game. Patterson is blazing fast. His only recorded 40 yard dash time that I can find is a 4.46, but I’m sure he will improve on that number at the combine (Update: Patterson did improve his 40 time to 4.42 seconds). The play from this past season that shows this best is at 0:57 in the Mississippi State video. In this play, Tyler Bray (QB, Tennessee) hands off to Patterson on an end around. Patterson is immediately hit, but breaks that tackle. It then looks like he is going to get tackled by most of the Mississippi State defense about five yards in the backfield, but he uses his quickness to make some jukes around a few guys and then his speed to get on the outside on the other side of the field and he sprints down the sideline for about a 30 yard gain. His speed can also be seen on the kickoff return that happens earlier in the video. 9.0/10.0


Patterson has pretty good get-offs, but his best come when he is on the line of scrimmage when the cornerback is a yard or two away from him. When he lines up off the line or the cornerback is giving him a cushion, then he doesn’t come off the ball as hard. He gets to sprinting speed pretty fast, which is good, but I would like to see that from the second the ball is snapped. Patterson is very good at throwing head and shoulder fakes to throw off the corner and give himself a cushion. His get-offs allow him to get open and have the ball thrown to him. A great example of this is at 2:46 in the video of Tennessee’s game against Kentucky. Patterson uses a great get-off with a dirty move and gets a touchdown out of it. 8.5/10.0


Patterson is very good at running slants, but his deep routes could use a little bit of work. All in all, he is not a bad route runner. He still runs his routes well enough that he creates separation and scores touchdowns, but he will be used for a lot of deep routes in his career in the NFL, so he can become better at those than he can be great. 8.5/10.0


While I believe that Cordarrelle has really good hands, it is hard to tell with him because he is a body catcher. There are a few times in his tape that I can see that he has good hands, but there are other times where it looks like he is unsure if he is going to catch the ball if he doesn’t use his chest to secure it. Going forward, he is going to have to put more trust in his hands and be able to secure a catch without using his body. But, until I know for sure how good his hands are, (which could be at the combine), I’m going to give his a 7.0/10.0 here.


This is an area where Patterson excels. When he is running, he has full control over his body and knows exactly where the boundary is, and when you look at his jukes, it can be clearly seen that he knows what he is doing with his body. This is showcased at 1:49 in Patterson’s highlight video made by CollegeFootballLive at 1:49 and in the Kentucky game (same play) at 1:19. 9.0/10.0


Since Patterson is a deep threat, he made many of catches with safeties and corners draped over him. He did not have to go up and get the ball at it’s high point as much as I would have like to have seen, but from what I can see is that Patterson has the ability to find the ball in traffic and secure it for his team. 8.5/10.0


Thanks to Patterson’s ability to be able to juke pretty much anyone, extend plays by running east-west, and break tackles he gets a ton of yards after he makes the catch. This, in my opinion, may be his best and worst quality. I love how he is always trying to get the extra yards to help his team out, but what I keep thinking when he is doing it is how long it is taking. This may be just me, but I am not a fan of players who run from sideline to sideline to get five more yards. I just think, “If that was in the fourth quarter and his team was down by a touchdown or less, would I want him doing that?” And every time the answer, for me, is no. It just wastes too much time and takes a play away from the offense. I don’t know how individual coaches feel about this but, it hurts him in my eyes. 8.0/10.0


I really couldn’t find much on his blocking skills through all of the film I found. I don’t know why that was, but it makes it extremely hard to grade him here. From his size and athletic ability, I believe that he could be a good blocker so I’ll give him a 7.0/10.0. If anyone has tape on his blocking and could help me out so I can update this with a more accurate grade. That would be great and please put the url in the comments below.


If Cordarrelle Patterson can improve on his hands (and if I could get my hands on some tape that show his blocking) then I believe that he can be a really good wide receiver in the NFL. But, I keep thinking that there had to be a reason that someone who was a 4-5 star prospect (depending on the source) coming out of  JUCO didn’t get recruited out of high school. I would love to know what happened there. That, and I am just not a fan of how much east-west he runs. If he commits to running north-south, then his overall rating with me, which is an 8.33/10.00, would improve and so would his draft stock. Now as to where I think he will go, there are many teams that need wide receivers, and I really think that he could go anywhere from picks 8-15 in the draft. It just depends on who wants to grab him first. I can’t wait to see him at the combine so some of my questions can be answered.


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Next, I will be profiling Jarvis Jones, OLB, Georgia!